Kill the Zombies

Motu Patlu Kill the Zombies: Shooting Game

You have to find the keys to escape from the Zombie Land and make sure to kill zombies which are following you. You will see zombies everywhere in the Villiage FurFur Nagar. There is some virus that turns everyone into a zombie, and Patlu has to find out the cure to save all village and his friends too. By controlling the Patlu cure the people that are zombies, by using Raygun and make them normal.

Becaurefull and stay away from dead bodies and protect your gun also. You have to save Dr Jakha, Chingum, Motu, and others.

  1. Move with arrows keys.
  2. Find the Cure Gun early as possible.
  3. Shoot the Zombies.

Do you KNOW, you friends like also Motu Patlu. So, share the game with your friends too and make them share the happiness.